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The Carnival of Vinaròs 2024 already has a poster.

The work of the Valencian Vicent Comes was the winner last November 26 with the poster with the slogan Olympic Carnival of Vinaròs. He himself has made it inspired by the main theme The Olympus of the gods, mixed with color and fantasy that conveys the carnival. 

"I decided to enter the contest as soon as the call for entries opened, and this is the first time I've entered", said the author moments after winning.
Likewise, Vicent Comes adds a brief description to the poster: 

Carnaval Olímpic de Vinaròs,
Els déus de l'Olimp han baixat a la terra Per a gaudir del carnaval de Vinaròs,
amb les seus disfresses i les seus màscares dissimulen sense fer soroll.
En la gala de les reines, a la nit del pijama o en els desfiles,
els veuràs xalar i un record que mai oblidaran.

Vicent was very surprised when he arrived in town and saw how everyone went out to the street to enjoy the carnival freely and without any prejudice, enjoying the party. Vicent works as an orderly at the Hospital of Vinaròs and he likes to see that as in his work, the Carnival all help for a common good, he and his family already consider themselves as Vinarossencs and give thanks for being such a welcoming people.

The 2024 will be a very special Carnival for Vicent Comes, whom we congratulate for the award achieved and for his excellent work.


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