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The Carnestoltes d'Or 2024 is awarded to the Caixa Vinaròs Foundation.

The COC has made official today Wednesday December 13 the delivery of the award of Carnestoltes de Or 2024, the highest recognition that the Carnival of Vinaròs offers to individuals, entities or associations as a token of appreciation for his career and relationship with the Carnival of Vinaròs.

The symbolic award Carnestoltesd'Or in this edition 2024 will be for the Caixa Vinaròs Foundation, established in April 2000 and has always had a primary objective of organizing all kinds of events aimed at the cultural promotion of Vinaròs.

Since its inception, the Caixa Vinaròs Foundation has supported the traditions of our city, such as Sant Antoni, the centenary of San Sebastian or the Vinaròs International Short Film Festival Agustí Comes, as well as maintaining and renovating iconic spaces such as the Casa Membrillera. In addition, the spirit of many vinarossencs are kept alive thanks to the Foundation, as is the name of Carles Santos, Joaquin Simó or Agustí Delgado, among others.

The creation of the Alé Vinarossenc by the Caixa Vinaròs in 1994, honorary award that is established every June 24 in Vinaròs and helps to shape the identity of our people, was awarded in 2004 to the Carnival of Vinaròs that values the push, collaboration and even "sacrifice" that unites so many people to move forward a project that today is what it is thanks to the people who form it: the vinarossencs and vinarossenques.

Therefore, from the Organization of the Carnival we believe it is necessary to value the effort and dedication that the Caixa Vinaròs Foundation has offered us to many entities and associations such as
of the Carnival to move forward. The person in charge of collecting the award will be the president of the foundation Josefa Gondomar Miñana, where she will receive the award on January 28, 2024.

After 20 years of receiving the Alé Vinarossenc the Carnival of Vinaròs, awards the Carnestoltes d'Or 2024 to the Caixa Vinaròs Foundation.


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