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Marc Méndez Viver, the renowned vinarocense, will be the Pregonero of the Carnival of Vinaròs 2024. 

The Organizing Committee of the Carnival of Vinaròs is honored to announce that Marc Méndez Viver will be the official town crier of Carnival 2024. Marc Méndez Viver, recognized for his skills in the world of dance, gastronomy and fine arts, will be in charge of kicking off the Festival of Tourist Interest with his characteristic enthusiasm and charisma. His contribution to the local cultural and artistic scene makes him an emblematic figure of Vinaròs. 

In his own words, Méndez Viver salutes the carnavaleros and reflects on the importance of the traditions that shape our identity. "What would become of us without our customs, habits or traditions...? Among many other things, that confers our personality and idiosyncrasy," comments the town crier. 

Carnival, considered a deep-rooted tradition in the town of Vinaròs, is celebrated with enthusiasm and participation of all citizens. Mendez Viver stresses the importance of going out into the streets and celebrate the festival, whether in the middle of February or on the eve of Sant Sebastianet, and encourages to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the booths, pajama night or Friday off, recognizing the richness of Carnival. 

In addition, Marc Méndez Viver takes the opportunity to encourage and appreciate the efforts of the new Carnival Organizing Committee. Recognizing the importance of supporting and understanding the work of those who dedicate their time and energy to the organization of major events to position a national Carnival. 

Therefore, the COC wanted to remind citizens that next January 27th will be performed the show MYTHOLOGY of the Italian company Stardust Company to welcome His Majesty Carnestoltes and hear the proclamation that will start 17 days of color, joy and splendor through the streets of Vinaròs. 


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