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Vinaròs already has presenters for its great gala of queens and kings of Carnival.

A little more than 15 days before the start of the Carnival of Vinaròs 2024, the COC has revealed who will be the presenters of the Grand Gala of Queens and Kings to be held on Saturday February 3, with the collaboration of Brial, owner of the large esplanade that makes possible one more year the celebration of these events. With the start of preparations at the venue in recent days, the COC reveals that the presenters of the Gala 2024 will be Andrea Jarque Díaz, Iván Saura and Marta Ortí. These 3 presenters of our land have been selected to go on stage after receiving more than 30 applications in the casting.

Marta had the honor in 2018 to fulfill her dream of being the queen of the comparsa "Ja Hi Som" and now, the vinarocense graduated from Primary Education will fulfill another one with the desire to dedisfrutar with all the comparseros. Her work experience has led her to work as an English teacher in an Adult Education Center. In the world of the comparsas, she has participated in the Peña Valencia and is currently in the Ja Hi Som.

Andrea has a degree in Journalism and surely we have all seen her on À Punt, although currently we hear her presenting every morning the program "Hoy por Hoy Castellón" of Cadena Ser; in addition to presenting many events in our province. Proud to be from Les Alqueries, she has 25 years knowing our carnival thanks to the media and in recent years has lived from the inside many moments with queens, troupes and neighbors that have allowed her to know the root of this festival of Tourist Interest Autonomous. His desire is to breathe strongly the color and warmth of our carnival and spread it throughout our land.

Ivan, 32 years old and a resident of Vinaròs, has completed his studies in administrative management. With a career as a locksmith and manager of a hardware store, has been dedicated to the world of carnival in different comparsas in which participates and lives for the carnival with the Ja Hi Soma today. He has decided to apply for the casting because he has always had that dream pending and received support from his family, especially Marta, with whom he shares that illusion for many years.

As for the Gala of Queens and Kings Children 2024, will be held on Sunday February 4 on the same stage and will be presented by the vinarocenses: Joan Mechó, Andrea Velez, Valeria Ruiz, Nerea Bernabeu, Erik Rubio and Megan Toro. Many of them, found out about this news because the Three Kings of Orient wrote them a letter with the best of dreams to be fulfilled.

Without forgetting the strength that has taken the last editions, the Karaoke Intercomparsas next February 7 will be presented by Joan Mechó vinarocense. A student of History in Valencia who has lived the carnival since his childhood, will make us leave the voice with the participants of the 31 comparsas who decide to sign up. It is recalled that the winners will receive a prize sponsored by Oscars Pub Vinaròs. Mechó's wish for the carnival is "a carnival where all vinarocenses and vinarocenses enjoy as always".

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